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Grand Place, Brussels

Belgium Chocolate

Delirium Cafe

In the heart of the “Free town”: the “Ilot Sacré”, and only a 100 meters away from the “Grande Place” you’ll find the “Delirium Café”.

A decoration full of old enameled ad-panels, posters from the past time and colorful light-ads will duck you behind a world of beers.

A big wooden barrels invite you to taste different drinks: Belgian and foreign beers, on bottle or of the barrel. Old gins, fruit gins or even with chocolate taste. There is also a wide choice of whisky’s, vodka’s, tequila’s etc…, enough to let you dream of pink elephants and bring you into the pleasant, gentle flush of the “Delirium Café”.

SUCK - the Candy kingdom

Wandering around Brussels while waiting for my friends, I discover lots of interested things. SUCK, the Candy kingdom where you can find thousand kinds of sweet colorful little thing.

belgium chocolate

The city is also a stronghold of chocolate and pralines manufacturers with renowned companies like Neuhaus, Leonidas and Godiva. Brussels is known for its local waffle, its chocolate, its French fries and its numerous types of beers. Numerous friteries are spread throughout the city. The best place to get friteries in between Grand Place and the Bourse de Bruxelles [Brussels Stock Exchange building].


brussels lace

Brussels lace is well known for its delicacy and beauty.


belgian costume

I got what I need in Brussels, liqueur chocolate for my love!

liqueur chocolate

*4/5 November 2011