“She calls herself a night owl, a wanderer. I call her a hardcore artist, and my “sanity-keeper”.At times she can be found working in marketing and PR, or teaching art courses to “feed” her own arts. Started in graphic design and later “invaded” fine arts and performance, An Tran is a cosmopolitan who inspires everyone she meets and colors every town she sets foot on.
With An, art is intellectual, art is down to earth, art is happening. By the time you see this, she’s probably working on her next adventure in art.
She is An; and art is her life”.

Chau Nguyen, an inspired friend


1 thought on “About”

  1. trieuan29 said:

    People pretend they are strong because they are scared to show their weaknesses.

    Honesty is very difficult if we want a smooth existence.

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