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Hello 2016!

2015 had been an up and down to us. Matt left his company in Bangkok and started up a new eco technology business in this tranquility island. I am still a stay-home mom, trying to manage two studies in Dance Therapy and Early Childhood Education online as well as running a lodge and helping husband as much as I can in his business side. We meet and make friends with lots of interested intelligent and talent people. Manuka is growing very fast. She is just over 3years old and she is a chatter box. Her vocabulary has impressed us all.

We still do not sure what the new year brings to us. At the bright side, we are looking for a glorious marvelous wonderful and joyful year. We will try all our best. We had a great but wet Christmas with our families and another great but wet New Year.

It had been raining since NYE. Lots of estranged tourists got stuck in the island. In the 1st day of 2016, we let 2 kids stay at our chalet, gave them some food and a bank account as promised they will pay online cause they have no money, no food and no where to stay while their boat trip has been cancelled by severe weather.

Yesterday, a Spanish couple and 3 kids walked in, luckily we got 2 chalets available for them and gave extra airbed for the kids. In the main house, we still have one guest room empty but my mind just went blank when a guy pop in and asked for accommodation. When I finally got myself back and ran after him, he vanished in thin air!!! Let’s hope someone takes him in kindly.

The 3rd day of 2016, rain stopped. Sun comes up and the birds fly around happily. I spot a wood pigeon comes out after the rain and dries himself on the tree. Now, we have our quite tranquility rural island back. All the guests are flying or boating home!


1st day of 2016, view from the upstair living room


view from the roof


Wood pigeon comes out after the rain


Nice tranquil spot to contemplate with my fav cup of tea


Hydrangea from the garden!