Glenfern blossom! This beautiful photo is taken while Matt, Scott and Gian meet at Glenfern yesterday. Scott Sambell is the manager of Glenfern Sanctary and Gian Baudran is the winner of the Conservation Innovation Award for 2014 and owner of MicroSystemsResearch 

at Glenfern Sanctary, Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand


From previous years, Matt & I used our skills to serve the Oil & Gas industry. We now decide to go Green! We luckily found a project that we are working with enthusiasm and fascination, with a great enjoyable team. Wishing us luck and like the product page TrapMinder

At the moment the TrapMinder system is being used at Glenfern Sanctuary, Great Barrier Island as an early warning system for rodent incursions around the pest-proof fence ends. Gian Baudran – the winner of the Conservation Innovation Award for 2014, locally known as ‘The Wizard’, has developed ‘TrapMinder’ an automatic ‘surveillance’ system for determining if a rodent has visited a trap, tunnel or other ‘device’.

Vợ chồng nhà Cú chuyển sang mần việc có liên quan tới cây cối rừng rú, bảo tồn động vật thiên nhiên nha mấy bạn. Bạn Gấu đang làm việc chung với một nhóm bạn ở trên đảo xanh thân yêu, nhận được tài trợ của WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) sáng chế ra các loại bẫy diệt chuột bọ, giúp bảo vệ môi trường. Bạn Cú mời các bạn thân yêu vào like trang product TrapMinder nếu thích & ủng hộ vợ chồng nhà Cú. Cám ơn các bạn!!!  

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