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I met Prim and Karin in Canterbury 2006. Prim and Karin are sister and brother. We were classmates then. We formed a “MA eating group 2007” at our studio in UCA ’cause Asian love foods ;-D

Karin makes tiny sculptures. I still remembered his graduation project: tiny little birds, hands and faces which had size of a finger nail.

Karin loves bird. One time, he picked up a dead bird from our school lawn and kept it inside the studio, made a sculpture of it then buried it. Karin is obsessed about little animals, the friendly and lovely ones such as butterflies, rabbits … and of course, birds wherever it is alive or dead.

Last month when I stopped over Bangkok, Karin and Prim showed me their new ceramic shop locates very close to the famous Chatuchak market. Karin opens an Art and Craft Studio at their house in Bangkok. He draws the design, few friends in the workshop do the productions and Prim is now the shop’s keeper to sell their creative works.

Prim – the shop’s keeper

Me and Prim and the Dead Birds

I had to leave for Shanghai the next day, but I promised I will visit their shop again in my next trip to Bangkok. I write this note for all our lovely friends in UCA to update about us, what we are doing and how we keep our dreams go.

*Visit Karin and Prim’s shop: http://www.yarnnakarn.com/