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I saved my Chocolove for the Valentine. It’s wrapped as of a love letter, with the stamp, with a small note says “love poem inside”. I have been looking at it days and nights, wondering what should says underneath the wrapping paper.

And finally the day has come. I have you and my chocolove is finally opened.

Dear Pearls and Stars,

The pearly treasures of the sea,
The lights that spatter heaven above,
More precious than these wonders are
My heart-of-hearts filled with your love.

The ocean’s power, the heavenly sights
Cannot outweigh a love filled heart.
And sparkling stars or glowing pearls
Pale as love flashes, beam and darts.

So, little, youthful maiden come
Into my ample, feverish heart
For heaven and earth and see and sky
Do melts as love has melt my heart.

[Heinrich Heine]

* For my beloved darling!!! – Feb 2012
May our loves will be with us forever,
Thank you for loving me and lighting up my days
and making me laugh and sharing our time from now and then…
… to the next 30 – 50 years…