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Every trip ends, every time feels drowsy between heaven and earth.
Every sleep wanders aimlessly.
Saigon now is pouring hot as creating fire. Outages. Blackout. 

When Ian left Viet Nam for the Barrier, we miss him and the “paradise on earth” island where he is. Last April, when we returned Shanghai from our NZ Easter holiday, we woke up at 4am and thought we were still in the Barrier. I start to understand why Matt misses the island so much as Ian, so do I.

Tryphena Harbour - view from Ian's window

Our thoughts are still wandering about the paradise land, a long lazy month of lying on bed look out the window to see the passing ships on the Tryphena Harbour, watching out the flashing light of nearby lighthouse mixed with thousand stars on darkest nights. 

Somewhere over the rainbow - Great Barrier airport in Claris

the island rain

Of walking late at night from Tryphena Harbour Rd. to Shoal Bay, looking for the glowing worms, catching the wind splash onto face, ears; tasting sweet dews hang on leaves.

From Tryphena Harbour Rd. to Shoal Bay

Of missing the horrible rains and high waves in Medlands beach.

Sunset @Medlands beach

Of loving the most beautiful Port Fitzroy could not descbribe by words.

Port Fitzroy - the most beautiful port I have ever seen

Motu cafe @Okiwi

Of the surprised Vietnamese iced coffee at Cafe Motu – Okiwi, served by a countryside friendly guy in teeshirt, short and gum boots 

abandoned car at Motu cafe

Of the tiny airports in Claris and Okiwi, the smalest airplanes travel only with 4 or 10 passengers, where the pilot is working as check-in staff, porter and flight attendant. 

Okiwi airpot

Great Barrier air field. Landing spot!

Of  the small stores only open once a week in 3 – 4 hours [winter time]

Good friday shopping...

Kaitoke Hot Spring

Flower @Mulberry Grove

Of missing the circus animals, the nephews wake up daily around 5 or 6am, singing song, reading poems, footsteping around the house.

Of missing our old man drives the four-wheels ATV on the slippery driveway under the torch-light at midnight.

**Dedicated to Dad Ian and where he lives...

Where the time flies. Where the time forgets to stop….
And we are dreaming of our future wedding day in the Barrier!