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Vincent the Owl is named after a lovely couple friends of mine, Vincent & Minh Thu in Orsay. We found him in a gift shop in Lyon when we did a trip together for the Fête des lumières and they brought him for as of a wedding gift. Now, Vincent travels with me from here to there.

We rent a colonial French style villa/ cafe/ restaurant  for our engagement party. Vincent the Owl  love it. He have been posed for lots of photograph.

Pergola Saigon

on the table

with the "thank you" cards and "Eiffel tower" holders

dinning with the guests

with the alcohol

Sign your name here...

at Pergola Saigon

* Photo credit: Po Ko Nhởn Nhơ
* Venue: Pergola Saigon – 28A Tran Cao Van, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC
* Event: Engagement party
* Model: Vincent the Owl