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Singapore, 17th Sat 2011

I got Shantha off her working chair to meet me at Brenner’s the Ball man when I was in Singpore last weekend, before I ran to Changi airport to catch the latest flight back to Vietnam.

Max Brenner's Chocolate fondue

Max Brenner’s Chocolate fondue is one of the kind chocolate you should try if you visit Singapore. On the ground floor of Esplanade, 10 walks from the street-door, you will easily find the Ball Man shop on your right.

yummy fruits, marshmallow...

It’s been years when I actually sit down and had a girl talk with Shantha, literally girl talk with laugh out loud… I love your company, my girl. And I hope to see you soon before another two or three years. Sh*t… we are not that old…


and ME... the chocolate monster

Remember years ago, you and Chau wrote a great great hip hop song…

Every time you feel like the world is upside down
Every single thing seems to make you frown
And everyone is just pushing you around,

All you need is a pick-me-up, a very special type!
Be it cake or creamy milkshake
Stop this instant for a chocolate break (chocolate, chocolate…)
Feel the hug from within and start to relax

(chocolate, chocolate…)

If you want to play but the sky is too grey,
Friends are away, you don’t have a say
And boredom seems to put you in a maze

All you need is a pick-me-up, a very funky type!
Be it a Hot Fudge Sundae or Chocolate Chip Cookies
Make, eat, and share – It’s all the fun you want it to be (chocolate, chocolate…)
Feeling lighter? Well, boredom’s gone, now you’re free

(chocolate, chocolate…)

If you see someone feeling the blues
Being moody and not having a clue
And all you want is for them to be happy like you

All you need is a pick-me-up, a get-together type!
Be it brownies straight from the oven or ice-cream from the fridge
Get all your friends together for a picnic (chocolate, chocolate…)
If you see ‘em grinning, the fun’s just beginning.

(chocolate, chocolate…)

Drink me... lemonade at Max Brenner's

Welcome to The Chocolate Lover’s Club
Forget diamonds. Chocolate is girl’s best friend

*For anyone who has birthday on the 18th Oct
*For anyone who is a chocolate monster
*For anyone who doesn’t hate chocolate
*For the old and the new days…